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All new re roofs are installed to current British standards using the latest and highest quality materials. Rest assured that we are your perfect re roofing contractor when it comes replacing your old roof in Lincolnshire.


Re Roofing Company in Lincoln

When it comes to replacing you old, existing roof with a new one. There are many attributes to consider when choosing a local roofer. You want to be sure that your roofing contractor is reliable, trustworthy and skilled in their work.

Many people keep items of both financial and sentimental value in their loft space, often having been passed down through generations. At Bluedot roofing we understand this and take every precaution to ensure that our clients belongings stay protected at all times. It goes without saying that, we advise that anything of value be removed or covered up prior to us starting the job.We ensure that no section of the roof is left exposed during wet weather and that the roof is always watertight at night. *However, it is always possible that adverse weather can find a way in and leaks can occur, having a roof removed and replaced is a big job after all. So removing items and covering up furniture is always a smart move.

Once we start a reroof we stay on it – until it is finished. This is of course dependant on things like the weather and timing. We will always try to plan a job from start to finish but adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can alter these plans, if they do we will always keep you up to date.

We are able to take control of every aspect of the re roof, from organising waste disposal and scaffolding to materials and labour. leaving you with just 1 contractor and 1 bill.


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